Jazz Piano Transcriptions - Resources

  • John Farrell website of jazz transcriptions - superb collection. I asked John to do some transcriptions for me - Got to Cool My Doggies Now, Charleston, Sweet Savanna Sue - and this inspired me to try more of my own. Sadly he has passed away now, but there are wonderful gems to discover in his collection. His grand-daughter runs this site, and you can get sheet music for jazz classics really cheaply, and even hear a midi file first.
  • Keith Jarrett has posted many of his fine transcriptions online, and they are all golden nuggets.
  • Piano Play website with trancriptions for sale.
  • BlueBlackJazz have many transcriptions for sale, all good stuff.
Transcribing Resources:
  • Seventh String website, for 'Transcribe!' This software is the key to successfully transcribing piano pieces.
  • Sibelius website, for 'Sibelius First'. This is a cut-down version of the full Sibelius program, but is more than up to the job of the transcriptions done on this site.
  • FinaleMusic website, for 'PrintMusic!' Used to use this, but it isn't as good (features, usability) as 'Sibelius First'.
  • NoteFlight is an online notation package. Not actually used it, but it seems quite well featured!