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Have you ever heard a piano jazz piece and gone searching for the sheet music just to find only simplified arrangements at silly prices? Rag-time and stride pieces are often arrangements by pianists of classic tunes of the day, and it is common to find that their particular way of playing isn't captured anywhere - only the original classic. There are some transcriptions available of these arrangements, but never the one you really want!

Motivated by this, I started to transcribe pieces that I wanted to play (including some non-jazz pieces); at first this was done the hard way purely by ear, but these days I use software - still laborious, but more accurate. Rather than just keep these to myself, I've put them up on this site, free, for other amateur pianists like myself - strictly for private educational purposes, not for commerce or re-distribution!

In the table below, for each piece, I've included the transcription details, a free PDF of the sheet music, and a YouTube performance, including myself where there isn't an alternative, although I'm keen rather than actually any good!

If you're interested in transcribing pieces yourself, have a look at the Transcribing section. Anything else I can think of is on the Resources tab, including links to other transcription sites.

Ian [ian_pallister at hotmail dot com]
March 2022
Tea For Two

Cliff Jackson/Youmans/Caeser

A fabulous tour de force, this is Tea for Two as you've never heard it before!

Fast but incredibly accurate sections (I slow it down by 20x to transcribe!) with melodic interludes.

Transcribed May 2020

Tea For Two PDF
Honeysuckle Rose

Cliff Jackson/Razaf/Waller

Storming arrangement of Fats Waller's tune, Honeysuckle Rose.

Transcribed January/February 2017

Honeysuckle Rose PDF
Ain't Misbehavin'

Cliff Jackson/ Razaf/Waller

Exciting arrangement of "Ain't Misbehavin'" by Cliff Jackson. You've probably come across Fats Waller arrangements, but this is decidedly the full on Jackson treatment. If you look below on this page, you can see that I've done quite a few Jackson transcriptions now, but the formula doesn't wear thin: you can enjoy a familiar tune with a swing beat and an exciting build-up, and on top of it all, the arrangements are actually approachable, this one in particular. Don't delay - clear your schedule, download the dots on the right and have some fun.

Transcribed January/February 2016

Ain't Misbehavin' PDF
Who's Sorry Now

Cliff Jackson/Snyder, Kalmar & Ruby

Stride at its very best, from the excellent Cliff Jackson. Starts with a whistful tune, and breaks into Cliff's trademark style, getting your feet tapping, and like every piece of Cliff Jackson leaves you with a silly grin on your face.

This isn't too hard to play, at least to a standard where you can enjoy it. Utterly, utterly wonderful.

Transcribed October/November 2014

Who's Sorry Now PDF

Luckey Roberts

Inspired, refreshingly different, but happily still insane piece. I'll be honest though - the left hand is quite poor in this performance, so about 10% of it I've had to fill in from context.

Transcribed September 2014

Luckey Roberts Nothin'
Limehouse Blues

Cliff Jackson/Furber & Braham

Wow! Breathtaking Cliff Jackson piece from 1948. Very exciting stride - makes you want to give up your job and do nothing but learn this piece. Well now you can! Perhaps not as complex as it sounds, once you see the dots, but hard to keep the touch light, and of course that stride left hand is a devil. Fabulous.

Transcribed April/May 2014

Limehouse Blues PDF
Crazy Rhythm

Cliff Jackson/Caesar, Meyer & Kahn

Typical Cliff Jackson treatment : take a good standard, add stride, and gradually crank up the tempo.

Transcribed the hard way - tape cassette recorder, August 1992. And then fixed with Transcribe in 2010!
Crazy Rhythm PDF
Keep On Gwine

James Booker

Booker's playing here is pure joy. What's more, the piece is fairly approachable, so much so that even at half speed (as I have to play it!) it still sounds amazing.

Transcribed December 2013.
Keep On Gwine PDF
When I Fall In Love

Eyran Katsenelenbogen/Young & Heyman

A classic tune touchingly arranged by the wonderful pianist Eyran Katsenelenbogen. Since transcribing this, Eyran has sportingly helped with proof-reading.

Transcribed December 2012.
When I Fall In Love PDF
Sunny Side Of The Street

James Booker/McHugh & Fields

Listen the video first, then come back to this text.

Now then - stunned, amazed? This is quite a well regarded piece by James Booker, but I couldn't find a transcription. Well, about a week's work produced the sheet music on the right! It's completely faithful to the recording, but I'm afraid it's more difficult than it sounds, so download and get practising!

Transcribed August 2011

Ewan Kilpatrick has very kindly sent a slightly simplified version of this transcription, which would certainly help in getting to grips with this piece! You can download it here.

Sunny Side Booker PDF
Deep Purple

Evan Palazzo/Peter De Rose

Short but very sweet - a lovely arrangement of Deep Purple from Evan Palazzo.

Transcribed March 2011

Deep Purple PDF
Autumn Leaves

Joe Van De Graaff/Joseph Kosma

There are lots of versions of Autumn Leaves around, and many on YouTube. Joe's version, unlike many others, overlays the classic tune on a steady jazz beat in a simple and catchy way - I like it!

Transcribed February 2011
Autumn Leaves PDF Joe deleted his video, unfortunately.
It's The Talk Of The Town

Evan Palazzo/Jerry Livingston

Evan has posted many excellent tunes on YouTube, and this is one of the finest. It's the marriage of a great tune with Evan's soulful, wistful and humorous style, and done with an effortless technique. A great piece and fun to play.

Transcribed December 2010

Evan has a website and CD here.

Talk Of The Town PDF
Por Una Cabeza

Carlos Gardel

Known more popularly as the tango music from the movies Schindler's List, True Lies and (as shown here) Scent of A Woman, this was actually a song from the 1930s written by Carlos Gardel and lyricist Alfredo Le Pera. The literal transcription doesn't work that well as a piano solo, so I've transposed a bit here and there. No, it's not really jazz, but it is a lovely piece of music.

Transcribed December 2010
Por Una Cabeza PDF
On the Sunny Side of the Street

Joe Holt/McHugh and Fields

This joyous arrangement from Joe Holt of a well known standard never fails to raise a smile - watch it and see if I'm not right! Joe has posted many such arrangements on YouTube, and his channel is well worth a look.

Transcribed October 2010
Sunny Side Holt PDF
On the Sunny Side of the Street

Evan Palazzo/McHugh and Fields

A slow, very soulful arrangement by Evan Palazzo of this classic tune, show-cased by him on YouTube (shown on the right). Deceptively simple music once transcribed, but very difficult to render this piece with the accuracy and sheer style that Evan has. Absolutely superb.

Transcribed August 2010
Sunny Side Palazzo PDF
All Of Me

Jean-Pierre Bertrand/G. Marks

This is a great boogie from Monsieur Bertrand @ JPBoogie.com. His site holds several MIDI files, one of which (this one) I used to write this transcription. MIDI files do import into notation software, but are usually 'raw' and so not legible, and it's easier to transcribe from scratch than spend ages trying to clean them up. Give this one a try - it's not that hard and the classic tune makes it hang together well. Playing not too good here - had to do it in a hurry.

Transcribed June 2010
All Of Me PDF
Puttin' on the Ritz

Chris Dawson/Irving Berlin

Chris has lots of high quality jazz posted on his channel on YouTube. This version of Berlin's classic by Chris is snappy, light, and very addictive! Roll the L.H. tenths if (like me) you don't have the span, or play the bass notes an octave higher if you feel like it: basically do whatever it takes to play this piece - it's worth it.

Transcribed February 2010
Puttin On The Ritz PDF
Maple Leaf Rag

Dick Wellstood/Scott Joplin

The original Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin is the King of all ragtime pieces, but Dick Wellstood's treatment transcribed here turns it into a terrifically exciting stride piece.

Yes, that's me playing it. Could have dressed up a bit first, I suppose. Lost a bit of weight since then too.

Transcribed December 2009
Maple Leaf Rag PDF
Minute Steak

Teddy Wilson

Another piece that I transcribed from the Teddy Wilson Keystone Transcriptions (audio). A short, cheeky, happy piece that lasts, well, exactly one minute.

Transcribed 2009
Minute Steak PDF
The Little Things That Mean So Much

Teddy Wilson

This swing piece from Teddy Wilson sounds utterly magical. I transcribed it from the Teddy Wilson Keystone Transcriptions (audio). I think I read somewhere that his wife composed the tune, and Teddy put this arrangement around it. I think I also read that they eventually divorced, so, maybe he didn't take the hint.

Playing and sound not too good here - sorry.

Transcribed 2008/9
The Little Things That Mean So Much PDF